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Off Court Sneaker Tanners with Basketball

Die neue Off-Court Kollektion

Die neue Off-Court Kollektion besteht aus zwei Colorways. Gefertigt mit Basketballleder und einer klassischen Basketball Silhouette

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Mid Court Kollektion Sneaker Picture Black Gael

Die Mid-Court Kollektion

Inspiriert durch klassische Tennis Sneaker ist die Mid Court Kollektion entstanden. Hochwertiges und nachhaltiges Leder mit spielerischen Designs.

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  • Why are there our sneakers?

    "If you buy cheap, you buy twice" , so our focus is on the alternative to cheaply produced hype sneakers that look worn out after 4 weeks of wear.

  • How do we achieve this?

    We have experience from over 20,000 pairs of sneakers sold. By working with the best producers in the world, we can develop your perfect sneaker from the combination with the right material and design.

  • What you can expect!

    With our sustainable and limited handmade sneakers made of high-quality materials, you no longer have the risk of often having to buy new sneakers. The models always come in a limited colourway, so you are guaranteed a sneaker that not everyone wears.